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The Peoples Political Party”
The party that gives all voters a reason to vote
we inspire non-voters to believe that government can serve all people 
What We Believe

* We believe Building a poverty free society takes focusing on the issues and pursuing solutions to

those issues.

* We must work on long term solutions instead of short term fixes.

* We must inspire more food programs that focus on a day to day hunger, Ending hunger for all takes

food not money.

* We must focus on creating affordable housing out of government owned housing, and using resources

to fit our human need for shelter wisely.

* We must stand up to the abuse of authority by creating public awareness towards those who perform or


Bill Rawdah scarborough /agincourt municipal and provincial candidate.


take part in said abuses. Removing the corrupt would instill trust and cooperation between law

enforcement and the people.

* We need to restore reliable services for the people ending the fear of the public to use our health care

facilities, Creating a people focused environment is the solution.

* We must create income for those on social services geared to bring them above the poverty line.

This can be achieved by streamlining current programs, and creating new ones on urban farming.

* We must defend the rights of all to provide their needs. and others needs. in their time of need.

* We must and will create jobs by giving more employment support opportunities to small businesses

and self employed individuals.

* Advocacy for children's rights to a better future and the Restoration and improvement of our environment

is the primary goal.

* We focus on the issues and solutions to those issues.

Kevin Clarke(leader)THE PEOPLE,The peoples political party,Please support:THE PEOPLE
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Kevin Clarke the peoples political party of Ontario support THE PEOPLE

Help Elect Kevin Clarke (Toronto-Centre) Member of Parliament (November 25) 

volunteer make a donation help spread the word Kevin Clarke gives hope to the youth of Scarborough and beyond through his youth employment support "Y.E.S" program now he wishes to inspire hope in the heart of the city of Toronto by creating housing and combating abuse of authority, prostitution, drugs and fixing broken families Theses are key issues of Kevin Clarke please get involve in helping us bring forth social changes by making political changes that are needed, Kevin Clarke is that man, a man on a mission to champion the cause of everyday people like you and himself he support the youth direct action he champion the cause exposing social and systemic injustice a modern day "Jesus like man" a true believer in humanity even when there are reasons to doubt  Kevin Clarke is a visionary a true visionary when it comes to common unity creating a "beautifully environment where we strive together for the greatest joy for all children and humanity which is world peace which starts with us providing all humane need Great BLESSINGS to ALL

The People's Political Party

Kevin Clarke for member of parliament campaign.

Our Latest News

Kevin Clarke is 49 years old, came to Canada in 1975, x-former grade 5 student teacher, x-con, x-drug dealer, x-pimp, x-homeless , experience on the issues that ails this riding drugs, prostitution, homelessness, poverty, violence and police abuse of authority.Kevin Clarke is pro-life and support decriminalization of cannabis marijuana he is the president of the people's political party in Ontario currently.


KEVIN CLARKE of The people's political party is on a campaign for the mayor of Toronto seat in 2014 but first he will enter the upcoming Toronto center federal by-election campaigning on charter of right issues,police abuse of authority and political accountability,high on his priorities housing and homelessness relief services are essential in building a stable and focus society rooting in our needs to return back to the basic family values of pure humanity for all.. To liberals conservatives,new democrats we ask you to come together in Toronto center to defend not political parties but all Kevin Clarke campaign..volunteer's you're valuable please join us in creating social changes for the greater good of all watch?v=W1XeaHID6zM